Exposition Antoni Clavé, du 4 au 30 avril à Barcelone

April, 5th 1913 Antoni Clavé was born, one of the most  emblematic, prolific, innovative artists of the XX Century.

On April, 4th, the Galeria Joan Gaspar celebrates the centenary of  his birth with a non-conventional exhibition. With a collection of memories from  our professional archives, it will be possible to discover not only the artistic  partnership, but also the deep friendship which got closed Clavé to the family  and the Gallery. A hence, the title of the event: “Clavé, l’amic” (“Clave, the  friend”).

In this way, I celebrate the Clavé’s 100 anniversary; since I have a  personal souvenir of his disappointment when he received an invitation with the  title. “Homage to Antoni Clavé, 85 years”. With the remembrance of  disappointment that it caused him, I don’t feel to present a commercial  exhibition to homage his centenary, instead  I do it,  exhibiting some  personal memories even some very private.

An homage to the man rather than the artist, through informal  testimonies – amusing notes, faxes, letters and dedicated works –reveal a present friend,  pleasant, who along his life kept a connection with Barcelona, the Gaspar – Farreras family  and at present  his dealers Joan Gaspar and Núria  Ridameya.

Clavé comes back in town, thanks to the memories of those friends who  live here and whom were always been ready to greet him and to support his  artistic activity.

Today they still do so.

Exhibition, Thursday 4th april 2013,  from 17 to  21,30 h.

Closing date 30th april

Galeria  Joan gaspar

Pl.  Dr. Letamendi 1

08007  Barcelona

Tel.  933.230.848